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Our Clients

Shukurova Shahniyar

Shukurova Shahniyar was born in 1962 in Niyazgullar village of Jabrayil district in a peasant family. Her father was a farmer, mother was an housewife. The family consisted of six persons. She quit her education after nine years and started to assist her father in farming. She marriedand together with her husband she moved to Shikhaliagali village of Jabrayil district. As a result of armenian military aggression they were internally displaced from their motherland to Saatli district. Because of the unbearable living conditions soon they moved once again to a dormitory in the Lokbatan settlement of Qaradagh district. Shahniyar shared that when fleeing from the armenians her children were very young. "It was insufferable to stand further with all these conditions together with the children. My husband and I started looking for a way out. We rented a small sales stall in Lokbatan. We were informed about VF Azercredit by trader Lala from a nearby stall. Then I visited VF Azercredit and was informed about loan terms and received the first loan. The loan was very useful and I would never forget the aid provided by this organization. It supported me in my most difficult times. Due to Your assistance I extended my counter, repaired my home, bought new home appliances and was able to get my daughter married. Then I started trading shoes. My husband was dealing with fruit and vegetable sales. I continued getting loans from VF Azercredit and expanded my businesses. Currently my business is flourishing. When I come to your office I remember first days I applied for credit. 2004 was a turning point in my life; I initially took $600. And now I applied for a $2000 and I am going to enlarge my sales stall. I am expressing my deep gratitude to your organisation. God truly helped to change my life through your help".

VF Azercredit always tried to stick to its mission and will always do it through supporting and assisting poor.

Hatamova Sugra

The Hatamovs family had been living happily in Qazakhlar village of Fizuli district until the Armenians occupied it. The family members had been engaged in farming, planting and grape-growing in a local collective farm.. Armenians started to occupy the neighboring villages one after one and captured civilian population. Villagers were scared and started running away.
In October 1993 their village was captured by the invaders and they fled to neighboring Iran through Araz river. After a couple of days staying in Iran they came back to Imishli district of Azerbaijan. Being without shelter and food, they finally settled in a refugee camp at Qalaqayin village of Sabirabad district. They stayed here till 1999. Cold humid conditions in the tents made living situation here inappropriate for the health of the family members. At that time Suqra’s husband worked in a food warehouse of a humanitarian organization. When they heard that burned houses are being renovated in nineteen released villages of their native land, the family moved back.
Their house has been partly renewed and given to the family by International Rescue Committee.
In 2002 Sugra applied to VF AzerCredit’s privileged loan for female start-up businesses. She received 200 manats to invest in a sheep business, which she had done in the past, and bought 5 sheep. In 2003 she took 300 manats for expanding her small business and bought one more sheep. For further development of the livestock business the amount taken every year has increased.
In 2005 she started planting potato in the land allotted by the government and harvested 3,5 tons of potatoes. Next year she had 6 tons from the same land. She bought a TV set, a refrigerator, furniture and a carpet on money earned from sheep breeding, vegetable growing, poultry keeping and grain growing.

Now Sugra has five cows, two calves, ten sheep and about 200 chickens. She has four children and has been able to get three of them married. And recently the family got a new car. Sugra thanks VF AzerCredit very much and will take more loans for expanding and improving her businesses in future!

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